How to Run a Successful Business Meeting

June 27, 2020 by admin in Tips

Business meeting running has two aspects hard skills and soft skills. Both skills are critical to run a successful business meetings.

What are soft and hard skills ? 

  1. Soft Skills : It is the way of conducting a business meeting. Be polite, give freedom to speak for every one, recording the agenda and minutes of meeting, be positive, less confronting, less arguements, talk to the point, respect others and listen others attentively are key soft skills in business meetings.
  2. Hard Skills :  Hard skills are basically hardware and technology usage. Like using tablet, laptop or mobile to attend and send meeting invites. using apps to coordinate meetings like google meet, zoom meeting rooms, Skype or other technologies usage.

What are benefits of successful business meetings

  • It is very clear in decision making when you discuss face to face or virtual meeting room in video
  • Video meetings are very helpful in business activity or process.  
  • Minutes can be easily recorded and proofs of proceedings are very easy to keep for longer years as retention.
  • Distance and people located at remote place can also virtally attend the business meeting using mobile phones. This is greatest advantages of successful business meeting. 

How will you conduct such meeting ? 

Use mobile phone to join a meeting by login in the meeting room , there is a meeting id, user name and password to join a meeting.

This makes a meeting very secure.

Who can join a meeting ? 

Any person who is part of invitee can join a meeting. 

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What are benefits of business communication ?

  1. All invitees can see each other, interact with each other when you use modern business meetings
  2.  Meetings can be recorded , minutes can be noted and saved for several years as backup.
  3. All people , customers, partners, management , consultants , service providers, IT team can chat, video meet online even if they are at different remote locations and countries.

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