Human Resources Tips for Multinational Companies

June 27, 2020 by admin in Tips

Multinational companies should engage diversified people from different region , country and backgrounds , this helps in building great culture, diversification, respecting others and unity in diversity, It helps in reducing exploitation of people , regionalism and favourism.

Inaaz adheres this unity in diversification from day one.

What are benefits of unity in diversifination ?

  • People start respecting others and try to understand all races and countries culture.
  • HR recruitment becomes less corrupted and talented manpower gets inducted.
  • Injustice to employees reduces, every one gets rewards based on work , performance , there is no favourism or biased attitude.
  • People become more open minded to different culture and traditions.

How fast it can be implemented as policy ?

All HR and top management must be counciled how to follow unity in diversification, stop favourim , reduce corruption and enhance performance as main criteria to get selected for bigger assignments.

How fast it can be implemented ?

We can implementas ethical policy by CEO to all department while inducting new manpower.

M Ashfaque Hussain , Inaaz Pvt Ltd.

What are challenges in implementation of such good policy ?

  1. Mental blocks in people’s mind that different culture, different races cannot work together – this must be removed as culture. People should accept all people from diverse background and country to engage in projects.
  2. Promote best talents within organization. Organization succeeds in faster way in it’s goal of objectives.
  3. No favourism or biase attitude is encouraged in organization. 
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    • HR Is Very Critical Activity In Any Organization, We Must Organise HR Very Effectively.

      All MNCs Need Real Diversified Representation From All Communities.

      Such Neutral Entity Can Progress Faster Than Any Family Business.

  3. HR is very critical activity in any organization, we must organise HR very effectively.

    All MNCs need real diversified representation from all communities.

    Such neutral entity can progress faster than any family business.

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