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June 27, 2020 by admin in Events

Innovation is the key to new business that people like and adapt if it saves cost and efforts. will be conducting exhibitions for latest innovation in the industry during Dec 2020. Get in touch with us and list your top designs at this forum, We will pulish and promote your innovation across the globe.

Join in large number to get it promoted free of cost and get funded in future if your innovation is very robust, reliable and saleable.

We invite all innovators to come and join us and become our co-partners in exhibiting them worldwide to create market for them.

Presently we are inviting top innovators to list thei innovation with us.

What do we expect from innovation ?

a) Title – Give name of inoovative product .

b) Display – 1-3 Video or 3-11 pictures of your innovative product .

c) Description – Technical specs and how it will enefit the mass people.

d)  How it works ? Use of your innovative product

3)  How it saves cost and effort ?

Get Listing Bonus from to get 50 % discounts voucher of any inaaz business products or services when you list your product. It is free for you while you list any product with us.

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  • Honest promotion and marketing of your innovation.
  • Reliable market building for your innovation. Free social sites ads of your innovation / product.
  • When sale happens then you donate few % of your sales to us as we incurr all your sales and marketing cost. We give you exclusive platform to sale and market your product / innovation..
  • We do not charge any fees to startups or students or poor innovators who are struggling for funding and could not sale their innovations / product.


There will be award ceremony for selected product as top 10 innovations in various 50 fields of technology and business

We are organising award for top 10 innovation with voting online and listing to all socal sites so that people will decide whose innovation is best in their class.

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The judges will be from industry and top eminent personalities who will give you scores in innovation as 40 % marks  based on top 10 parameters well defined in due course of time.

Then , there will be voting by all common mass people who will be 60 % deciding factor of your innovation getting top position.


You can contact us and get quotes for selling your product / innovation when some customer want to uy your product. Define a range of prices as decided by you and sale at shop platform.

Getting Brand and innovation intellctual property registered for your product is very important, where we help you in registering your IP so that you are safe in IP act protecting your ownership of innovation.

It is very easy to protect your IP and we will help you in registering your innovation at very economical cost. Get connected with us, be safe and secured for your innovation / product.

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