Renewable Energy Threats Oil and Gas Industry

June 27, 2020 by admin in Industry News

Renewable Energy is the biggest threat to Oil and Gas Industry .  Free Air Wind Turbine Energy , Sea Wave Energy, Solar Energy, Hydel Water Reservoire Energy, Battery Bank Energy can replace Oil & Gas Energy . Hence there is already started biggest recession in OPEC countries and economy slow down started rapidly in Oil & Gas Energy Systems.

People love free natural energy and it’s demand will keep increasing day by day.

It is wise to step in this free energy generation asap , the leaders will try to lead the innovation in free energy.

What are future Energy technologies ?

There are several free energy generation systems :

  1. Solar Energy with Solar Panel and Battery Systems – This energysystem is most popular where sun light is in aundance , like Deserts, Plains , Hill Stations, and Humid  Sun facing sea shores are best suitable locations for generating solar energy. 3 kw to 50 megawatt capacity plants are now getting commissioned in several region worldwide.
  2. Wind Turbine Energy : This energy is always available in all locations. It is free energy system. 3 KW to 25 Mega watt systems can be installed at any location within few days to few months time. This finest energy system that works very well with solar energy double inlet to charge the battery systems.
  3. Sea Wave Energy : This is new technology to generate energy by sea waves ample available near all sea shores. 3 kw to 10 Mega watt energy can be generated withis technology systems.
  4. Hydro or Hydel water system reservoire water energy system: It is already being used in several high rise water reservoires to produce 10 mega watt to 200 Mega watt systems.
  5. Atomic Energy Systems : Atomic Energy are generated by fission and fusion in atoms of various isotopes . It has risk of radio active hazards for life , but id safety systems are built properly , it is largest 20 megawatt to 100 mega watt projects.

How to get benefits of renewable energy systems ?

  • All renewable energy are free energy .
  • Technolgy is not harduous to living beings, it is finest environmental friendly energy systems.
  • It is very easy to install and commission such projects , it can be deployed fastest.
  • It can be migrated to another location easily , it is transpotable equipment systems. hence it is very popular energy generating systems.

What is competition in this segment of renewable energy system?

There are very few players in this business being a skilled business venture.

Being a niche market , profit margin is very high in this business.

M Ashfaque Hussain, Inaaz Pvt Ltd.

You can get a quotation from us inaaz business in just 2-5 days time to start your project if you have capital available.

What is sourcing problems in this technology ?

There are few challenges in sourcing the ingredients in this technology building or commissioning.

  1. Solar Battery or Wind feeding battery manufacturers are very few but slowly the cost of battery systems are reducing day by day.
  2. Wind energy turbines and solar panels and their manufacturer are slowly increasing worldwide , cost is reducing day by day.
  3. Software to control energy output and grid syatems energy to reduce billing of consumers are very popular attraction but there are very few software apps to control energy output and input energy feeds systems. 

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