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Hello world ! Inaaz Business Consulting has been launched at most eonomical budget.

Welcome to . Very soon our consulting arm is up for serving the globe.

What services will be offered by Inaaz Business in consulting business ?

  1. E-commerce Migration services from paid platform to free platform . We do this service in very economical budget at rapid speed to regain the customers speedily. Try today , connect with us , chat with us or write to us or lift phone to call us or do video chat online in google meet with an appointment so that we present you nicely in your free time to gras our delivery process and migration process.
  2. Launch of E-commerce Portal and Multivendor shop or single vendor shop online in just 1-3 weeks time based on complexity of the project.
  3. Launch of very attractive websites for all business, personal profile or SMEs and small business. We build the best sites for you to attract customer or purpose of website that you wish to launch.
  4. Customer Support on any technical services, IT services, Web Services – like hosting, managing , operations, product managing or any skilled task that others cannot do , you can fall back to us and we will help you in supporting your projects and operations.
  5. ISO Any Certification Consulting and implementing controls to get certified quickly.
  6. DR and Disaster Recovery Building and manging services to switchover in few minutes to alternate site.
  7. OS, Database, Backup, Health Monitoring of servers and apps services 24 by 7.
  8. End to end managing IT operations of your business , fully outsourcing your IT to us and we will manage it very effectively at lowest budget in the world,
  9. All consulting assignments of yours and your clients , we can do very quickly, engage us and see your progress in business.
  10. Digital Marketing Services , Speed enhancement of site, SEO, marketing campaigns and genuine organic traffic fetching into your site.
  11. Security implementation, audits of security controls and getting top level security certifications in few months..
by Wehosting & VPS Services are most economical and reliable. brings you best Webhosting & VPS services for you.

Join today and get the best benefits in webhosting at very affordable cost .

You get 3 months web hosting free just in 1 USD. rest other period you will be charged at just $5 USD per month.

Benefits of such hosting services are –

  1. Unlimited Domains hosting
  2. Unlimited Hosting Space – memory , disk space , e-mails and dataases
  3. Unlimited Traffic , no cap in bandwidth usage.
  4. SSL is free
  5. Backup every day is free , restoration any time.
  6. There are many other features.

Enjoy the benefits of creating websites and hosting quickly.

Write to us, or, get connected in whatsup +91-7829378824

We will host your all e-commerce or web sites in lowest cost with very quality support that no one can extend such support to you. We are very highly reliable services provider in multi services providing.

We will help you in building your functional e-commerce site or business site at very high speed 3-7 days and at most affordable cost.

We also take services on managing on product managing , site managing, content uploads speed optimization, SEO services, all trouleshooting services and all maintenance IT services that you need in your affordable budget.

You define your budget and we will do for you in best ways.


Industrial Innovation and Design e-Exhibitions of 2020 at

Innovation is the key to new business that people like and adapt if it saves cost and efforts. will be conducting exhibitions for latest innovation in the industry during Dec 2020. Get in touch with us and list your top designs at this forum, We will pulish and promote your innovation across the globe.

Join in large number to get it promoted free of cost and get funded in future if your innovation is very robust, reliable and saleable.


Co-Opetition Tips in the Banking Industry

Coopetition is the act of cooperation between competing companies; businesses that engage in both competition and cooperation are said to be in coopetition. Certain businesses gain an advantage by using a judicious mixture of cooperation with suppliers, customers, and firms producing complementary or related products.

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  • 2 is fastest growing consultancy MNC that can take care your business needs by building and operating your powerful IT framework.


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