Professional Consulting
  1. What are professional Consulting ?

    All types of right advises on IT development, IT operation Support and business operation are real professional consulting.


    This also includes a plan to implementation. The plan can e executed by different stake holders , own IT team or out-sourced  support team or business operation team or inaaz services team.

    Execution and implementation is to be separetely estimated and then adhered to business process made inside any business entity.

  2. How do we enter into consulting agreement ?

    First sign an NDA - No Disclosure Agreement etween a company and Inaaz Private Limited.

    Then work out together  a business agreement in IT support , IT development or business Operations, this must include technical proposal with financial estimate.


    Once it is agreed mutually  and signed off , then project or consulting can start quickly.

  3. What are time lines in consulting ?

    There is consulting agreement signed off where the project scope is well defined alongwith milestones and time line of completion date with a grace period if any .


    The breakdown of master plan into small mini projects well defined in time bound periods, are actual list of activity and it's probable date of completion including grace period is called time lines. 

  4. What are constituent of a consulting task ?

    The consulting team will prepare a set of activity and prepare a plan for consulting as how and by when each activity will get completed.

    The consulting team may include one consultant or several consultants base on footprint of consulting and expertise of consulting team.

    Finally , it is the talent of consultant as how he or she completes the task of assignment in preparing a plan that is agreeable to all concerned stake holders.

  5. Who are stake holders in consulting assignment ?

    It is the management, users, clients, IT team, business team, customers and partners who are linked to any consulting assignment.

    Each stake holder has to contribute for his or her part of activity so that full activity get completed successfully for CEO to review in stipulated time.

  6. Who is finally accountable in consulting assignment ?

    It is the team of consultants who will be made accontable for the outcome of consulting assignment.

    Others will just be part of feedback system or respective player for their roles.

  7. What are dependencies in consulting assignment ?

    All stake holders will be part of feedback system who have to respond quickly if consultant seeks the information.

    Finally all inputs will be collected and presented to committee of people detailed by CEO in any consulting assignment scope of work.

    Once full work is completed as per scope well defined, the assignment gets completed with final report to CEO or committee members.

  8. Can consulting time line be extended ?

    Yes, only after mutual agreement by consultant and review committee members , the consulting assignment can be extended because it affects budget and payment to consultant.

    The committee member or consultant can put up why the assignment needs extension, it is to be justified properly and agreed upon by CEO and his review team

Project Management
  1. Who are constituents of a project ?

     The Project manager , respective dependent team members from each affected technical and business domains are part of a wider project.

    Each member have to work out his or her time to complete their part in time.

    Then ful project will get completed in time.

    The full project is tested and go to market as live completed project.


  2. Who prepares full project plan ?

    Only project manager is accountale and responsible for preparing the full project plan.

    But all project members will contribute their part to help completion of full project.

  3. What happens when there is conflicts among project members ?

    The project manager will escalate to respective domain boss or head to intervene and resolve any dead- lock if any.

    The head of respective domain must resolve the dead -lock or change the project member in order to complete the full project.

  4. When project gets completed who reviews the outcome ?

    It is the affected stake holders, customers, IT teams,  partners, clients and full environment of affected management will be reviewing the project as it affects full business.

    If review committee pass the test of a project , then the project is called completed as per agreed terms, milestones and time lines.

  5. Can project manager ask additional members in the project ?

    Yes, project manager can ask additional member within budget and scope of work in agreement.

    It is advisable to extend help to project manager by each concerned head of the department.

  6. Who will report to CEO about the ongoing project progress ?

    Project manager will prepare weekly progress report and submit to department head whose project work has maximum affected.

    Department head will share project progress report to CEO and other department heads.

  7. Who will control the budget of a project ?

    The project manager and cost controller will keep an eye on each expenses on a project .

    CFO will review the project expenses overall on each project alongwith cost controller, Project manger has to be within predefined limits of expenses on each line item in the project. 

    A red alert is raised if budget crosses beyond the approved limits.

  8. What happens when project manager resigns ?

    The contract winner inaaz services will replace the project manager without any additional cost implications.

    There will be no delay in appointment of suitable replacement of a resigned project manager.

    Project manager can seek member if needed in the project and it is mentioned in the project approved budget. is fastest growing consultancy MNC that can take care your business needs by building and operating your powerful IT framework.


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