About Pricing

Our pricing are very competitive with all top 10 MNCs in the world.

We have open offer to bring your current agreement of services or IT developmentor or IT support or business operations , we will give 50 % discount offer in any such services that wish to enter with us by agreeing better SLA, better services features at most economical budget that no one can offer you for same scope of works or assignments.

We have very structured services that i offered at the range od $ 25 – $120 per hour per resource range for common services in IT development, support and business operations.

Rare skills support and valuable services or value added services cost range is $ 120 – $450 USD per hour per resource. Our such one resource  is equivalent to minimum 6 resources by top MNCs , it is our confident claim. 



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    What are our services ?

    Our main services are IT Development, IT Support , and business operation support.

    Rare Skill services are rarely available in the market , that we do very effectively like, 

    Data Center servces

    Disaster Recovery site setup and operations in any business.

    Migration of E-commerce or any business paid e-commerce platform to other free e-commerce platform like Woocommerce, Open Cart , Drupal , Joomla free platform, This helps you to reduce expense budget to hardly less than your current 30 % budget yearly. It is our confirmed commitment.

    Full IT outsourcing to us for IT support , IT planning, Technology consulting at most economical budget that no one can match our competitive cost of budget.

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    How do we enter into agreement ?

    1. Kindly send your query of enquiry, ask for business proposal to our contact mail id -  or or skype id Iam Inaaz or or whatsup : +91 7829378824


    2. We will send you NDA to startwith signing mutually.

    3. We will create cost effective solution proposal quickly in 3 - 7 days time, your team can review it and then we enter into video call in google meet or skype or zoom online ,we can discuss all amendment in scope of work with deliverables , milestones and time lines to accomplish. Then commercials can be finalised separately with your commercial team.

    4. Once agreement and commercials are signed out , we start placing our resources and services for your assignment within 2 weeks of time for transition to inaaz services who will take over from other 3rd party services or add on services.

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    Who will bear the services payment ? What is the processes ?

    As you will enter into agreement with inaaz services, all payment will be released to our business as per agreed terms and conditions as mentioned in the financial implications or financial terms. 

    The payments are normally per month basis so that resources are comfortable to work on your assignment. 

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    What are excellence center support facilities by inaaz services ?

    Inaaz services are quality oriented and we take care your excellence center to support your business or IT framework as per agreement made.

Service General Pricing Table

  • ECONOMY PACKAGE yearly / quarterly / monthly / weekly plan
  • $25 / hour / resource
  • IT Support Services 5 days by 8 hours
  • per resource costing per year basis , 8 hours working for 30 days a month, 5 days and 2 off days working,
  • No Saturday and Sunday support
  • PRO PACKAGE yearly / quarterly / monthly / weekly planplan
  • $ 120 / hour / resource
  • Inaaz 24 by 7 services 
  • 7 days working per week , 24 hours, 3 shifts working, no off days, weeekly off  by rotation only 
  • Monthly payment release
  • DEVELOPER PACKAGE yearly / quarterly / monthly / weekly time bound plan
  • $450 / hour / resource
  • Inaaz Rare Services Rare Skilled Developer Inaaz Services
  • Special Development or Migration Services
  • Time bound development or migration with fixed time limit or duration limit range. 24 by 7 working for turnkey project.

Have questions?

We will be very happy to support you for all queries,  business proposal or support proposals. 

Let us connect quickly for your help in inaaz services that you need, we are fastest proposal creator, implementor  and executer.

  • 2 + 15 = is fastest growing consultancy MNC that can take care your business needs by building and operating your powerful IT framework.


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